Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sort of an update, not really though. Hahaha. Filigree is up and well...not really running yet, more like a light jog perhaps. Re-applied for GodsGirls, so i'm hoping that will go through in my benefit this time around since last time I epic failed I guess. Boourns! SO I have good hopes riding on this round of applying.

Anyways, go check out and follow my Filigree magazine post, let me know what you think and such. AND if ANY of you have a Twitter, add me. Necro_Kitten

Monday, June 7, 2010

Magazine Help

Give me ideas. Name me off colors, names, words...literally ANYTHING you want. I'm trying to get a bunch of ideas together for a magazine I eventually want to make.

It'll probably start off as an ezine then eventually one day I want it to be an actual magazine. But I need some ideas, so literally ANYTHING you want to spew out, do it.

Obviously, I want it to be dark, different and eclectic and more artistically related than anything else, but doing that without either stepping on toes of other magazines I already love without copying them, while being different going to be a slight difficult I think. SO any ideas whatosever are helpful and definitely needed.

Some ideas of what I love and what I kind of want it to be like is Coilhouse, Juxtapose, etc.

So...please halp. I'll give you cookies.