Monday, June 7, 2010

Magazine Help

Give me ideas. Name me off colors, names, words...literally ANYTHING you want. I'm trying to get a bunch of ideas together for a magazine I eventually want to make.

It'll probably start off as an ezine then eventually one day I want it to be an actual magazine. But I need some ideas, so literally ANYTHING you want to spew out, do it.

Obviously, I want it to be dark, different and eclectic and more artistically related than anything else, but doing that without either stepping on toes of other magazines I already love without copying them, while being different going to be a slight difficult I think. SO any ideas whatosever are helpful and definitely needed.

Some ideas of what I love and what I kind of want it to be like is Coilhouse, Juxtapose, etc.

So...please halp. I'll give you cookies.

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