Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gay Marriage

Just had a small discussion about gay marriage and why it's even an issue. Basically, regardless of how anyone words their opinion on the matter, when you say that you're against gay marriage, it's simply persecution. No ifs, ands or're discriminating and it makes me rage at just how childish it is when there are MUCH bigger issues happening in the world that need attention rather than who's marrying who...because quite honestly, why is it any of YOUR business? It keeps reminding me that regardless of age and what the world is coming to, you never get out of that 'high school mentality'.

I've had people ask me before, if it isn't a big deal why am I commenting about it then. I'm commenting on the fact that it's wrong and childish, I personally don't care if someone wants to get married to their cat, the point of the matter is that there are much bigger issues at hand than what someone else is doing in their personal life that isn't anyones business in the first place. There shouldn't be ANY issue if they want to get married because they're happy, regardless of sexual preference. I'm not much of a believer in signing a piece of paper saying you're married and THAT signifies that you love each other more than anything, but that isn't what i'm discussing right now. Everyone has their opinions on marriage and I think it's a beautiful thing if you do it for the right reasons.

Does it matter who gets married? Is their lifestyle hurting you personally somehow? Is someone elses life so much more interesting than your own you have to make a big deal about it because you clearly have nothing better to do? Hell, they won't bat an eyelash at a woman getting beaten by her husband because maybe 'she provoked him', but a gay couple wants to get married and everyone is there like it's the biggest issue in the world? Kindly fuck off for lack of better words at the moment. I think it's unnecessary and completely backwards. I think they have a better chance of keeping their marriage together than most of the straight community. Look at the divorce rates. Haha. I might add more to this later, but right now my brain isn't co-operating with putting my thoughts properly the way I want, so...

What's your opinion of it all?

Anyways, that's all I really had to say. That and I just swallowed my food wrong and now my chest hurts. Awkward and annoying. I think I need a cup of raspberry and goji berry tea and to sketch a design for a monster i'm making.

P.S- You're all beautiful. In case you weren't aware already.

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Travis said...

Marriage sets up contract that is recognized by the state, there really is no reason this should only be between a man and a woman.
In a way I wish the marriages were simply non-legally binding ceremonies that bind people in various religions. So that if they want the benefits and responsibilities of a union under law they have to get some sort of civil union which would be the one that anyone who wants to be legally recognized would need. Because as it stands now people equate their religious ceremonies with civil law and I think this causes problems.

But that is not going to happen, so allowing gay marriage is the only option. Which thankfully Canada has allowed.